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Off-road Tripmeter


Tripmeter for off-road racing (commonly known as "Tripmaster"). Measures traveled distance using GPS or OBDII. Indispensable when driving by the roadbook. Developed and tested by professionals, for professionals.


  • partial and total distance
  • huge reset button for easy pressing while driving off-road
  • double-tap distance to edit
  • optional reverse button
  • optional total distance above partial (they will be the same size in this case)
  • metric or imperial/US units
  • view track on map
  • optional layout for motorbikes or ATVs (similar to Touratech IMO)
  • write tracks to GPX files
  • write raoadbook to CSV files
  • send tracks to e-mail
  • day or night mode
  • possible to use external reset button (or just use headphones - also works with bluetooth buttons)
  • designed for phones and tablets
  • portrait and landscape mode
  • displays GPS location, heading, accuracy, and average driving speed
  • toolbar color represents the GPS accuracy
  • available for Android (2.3+)

If you have an old Android phone collecting dust, you can now make use of it, and transform it into a dedicated tripmaster device.

The app was tested in numerous off-road events, and we can guarantee its excellence. The user interface was carefully designed for optimal performance on bumpy tracks.