About us

The people behind bitwize10

We are a small team of creative and agile people. Our experiences cover various technological and scientific fields. We see opportunities for innovation all around. Blending the latest and greatest technologies to deliver powerful, yet easy-to-use apps is our passion. We have known each other since long before starting to work on bitwize10. Very often we spend our free time together as well. Foundations of our projects are not laid behind our desks, but while riding bicycles, hiking in the mountains, jumping on roofs, or crossing the desert. That's what allows us to be exceptionally creative, with a team spirit unrivaled by corporate companies.

Stas Bevc

PhD computer scientist

  • project coordinator, quality control
  • programmer, front-end
  • graphic, UI, UX designer

Hyperactive workaholic. Never runs out of ideas. Has years of experience of working on all sorts of computer science projects. He's an expert in making streamlined user interfaces.

When he is not reinventing the wheel with some computer tool, he does parkour, cycling, hiking, rides enduro motorbikes, or spends time in the garage tweaking some petrol powered engine.

Matej Stokelj

BSc computer scientist

  • app tester
  • UX evaluator
  • bug hunter

Matej is one of the best app testers, and in general an excellent user interface and user experience evaluator. He is also able to locate even the most deeply hidden bugs.

He is a bitcoin/crypto enthusiast, and if he is not mining for bitcoins in his free time, he is most likely climbing on a roof with Stas. Or just hanging around on flag poles.

Jan Cus

BSc mathematician

  • game developer
  • content creator
  • random wor(l)d generator

Jan is a very curious guy. Never stops exploring, never stops asking questions. He's not only looking for the answer to the question, he also wants to know the answer to the answer.

In his free time he lives in a dream world, exploring possibilities beyond Newton's laws of physics. His imagination is only beaten by those of children with the age of five or below.